LG CES 2021 announcements: Flex phone, and others


LG made a presentation that redefined the term “home” at the press conference held on its website and YouTube channel exclusively for CES 2021. In this presentation, information about advanced products and services designed to make the lives of consumers more comfortable, practical and enjoyable, while the exhibition stand, which can be visited online, offers visitors the opportunity to discover LG’s latest innovations from the comfort of their monitors, laptops or mobile devices.

From LG’s coiled phone project to the virtual internet phenomenon, there was something to interest everyone at LG’s CES press conference. LG’s folding screen smartphone was presented to consumers at CES and introduced its unique screen that can be sized as desired. This device with a folding screen, the second device of the brand’s Explorer Project, offered a new perspective in terms of showing the limits that future smartphones will reach. Later at the event, Reah Keem was introduced to the participants. Reah, a virtual composer and DJ, is much more humanized with deep learning technology. Reah used his time to introduce the LG CLOi robot, which makes ultraviolet C (UV-C) light useful for cleaning areas with a lot of human traffic, such as hotel rooms and restaurants.

LG CES 2021 virtual fair

LG’s virtual fair is divided into four areas: Life is ON TV, Virtual Experience, LG SIGNATURE – Vegas and Life’s Good Studio. Life is On TV broadcasts live 24 hours a day from CES 2021, delivering the latest news and entertaining lifestyle programs on LG products to viewers. Virtual Experience offers an interactive visit from four different product areas. LG SIGNATURE – Vegas presents a fascinating combination of the wonders of Las Vegas with devices inspired by LG SIGNATURE’s artwork. Those who visit Life’s Good Studio will have the opportunity to watch entertaining works performed with some of the new stars of the music world.

The TV and Sound Systems Area of ​​the Virtual Experience welcomes its visitors with the impressive images it presents on the wall created from flexible OLED screens and OLED Fall with unrivaled picture quality. Here, visitors learn about all the strengths (sharp, fast, problem-free and subtle) of LG OLED with a special and interactive presentation using augmented reality (XR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. Using a three-dimensional avatar of the technology phenomenon Linus Sebastian as a guide, he brings the human touch to the LG booth at CES, which was realized for the first time completely virtually.

The Home Theater Area is home to LG MAGNIT, a 163-inch giant screen Micro LED signage that provides much darker blacks and enhanced contrast and color accuracy with LG’s Black Coating technology. Visitors can enjoy the benefits of Micro LED by fully immersed in live content to watch with realistic augmented reality (XR).

The Houseware Area shows how technology can make a home more livable and hygienic. Visitors can experience how LG’s innovations have improved the kitchen, living room and laundry room.

LG Professional Products offers advanced consumer products to the visitors with its IT Area. While personal devices that increase productivity can be tried in this area, informative and impressive content is offered in four virtual environments, including home office and game room.

Finally, Mobile Space provides detailed information on LG’s latest mobile innovations, including the rotatable dual-screen LG WING smartphone. The features of the device that can be used virtually such as Gimbal Motion Camera and Dual Recording can be experienced by visitors in a very different way.


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