LG announces the name of its new T-shaped smartphone


LG shared a blog post for its new ‘T’ shaped dual-screen phone. With the article shared by the company, it was confirmed that the name of the device will be “Wing”, while it was stated that LG Wing will be announced on September 14.

South Korean technology giant LG has been on the agenda for a while with its new “T” shaped dual-screen smartphone. The company, which shared a promotional video for this smartphone last week, revealed the general design of its phone. Recent statements made by LG officially confirmed the phone’s name and release date.

According to the blog post shared by LG, the T-shaped phone will be named “Wing”, ie wing. In addition, this interestingly designed phone will be introduced at an event to be held on September 14.

LG’s new phone is part of a new project called “Explorer”

LG announced in the promotional video it shared last week that Wing is part of a project called Explorer. All the details about the Explorer Project are unknown, but we can say that LG will try “something new” with this project. Because according to the statements made, new methods of interacting with mobile products will be discovered in this project. In other words, LG may come up with new products with interesting designs such as Wing in the future.

In the statements made so far regarding the LG Wing, the technical features of the smartphone have not been mentioned. However, according to the allegations made, this smartphone will have 5G connectivity support. It is said that the phone, which is said to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 700 series processors, will have a triple camera setup with a main camera of 64 MP.

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