LG Announces The Arrival of The ‘Smart Closet’ Styler to Brazil


LG announced on Friday (23) the launch of the smart closet Styler in Brazil, a device capable of sanitizing clothes using advanced features, while storing the parts and keeping them free from unpleasant odors.

Featuring TrueSteam technology, a steam generator that offers hygiene and deodorization cycles, Styler eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens from clothing, according to the South Korean brand. Thanks to a mobile clothes rack present in the equipment, the system reaches all parts of the fabric, eliminating bad and wrinkled smells.

Another function to make clothes look new on a daily basis is drying at low temperatures, for the care of more delicate items, which can be increased with fabric softener or scented handkerchiefs in the aroma filter. There is also a special compartment for pants and dress, ensuring precise folds and creases, even without going through.

Silk, linen, nylon, wool, fur coats, shirts, dresses and suits are some of the more than 16 types of fabrics and clothes that can receive care at the Styler, according to the manufacturer, taking advantage of all the benefits offered by the product.

Mobile control

The “first smart closet in Brazil”, as the product is presented by the manufacturer, has a touch panel on the front, but it can also be monitored and controlled remotely, by cell phone, using the LG ThinQ application.

The tool also offers the possibility to download extra cycles, such as the “uniform”, “ready to go”, “scarves and scarves”, “silent mode” and “Night Care” options, with customized settings for different occasions. The latter, for example, keeps clothes warm until withdrawal, making it ideal for cold days.

The LG Styler will be on sale in specialized stores soon, and can be found with white and mirror finish. The brand did not say the price of the device.


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