LG Announces Single Body WashTower Washer and Dryer


LG Electronics presented during IFA Berlin 2020, which this year takes place in a virtual way, the new washing machine and dryer solution, LG WashTower.

As the name suggests, the product is different in that it offers a unique body design in a tower shape, different from traditional models that are sold separately. Here we have only the two integrated washing and drying units.

Available in black or white, the model will be sold worldwide later this year, with the launch in North America already happening next week.

LG points out that, with the end of the laundry cycle, WashTower warns users so they can move the laundry to the drying module. The washer still “talks” with the dryer during the wash cycle, sharing information to optimize drying by preheating the drum.

The WashTower has a capacity of up to 17 kg for the washer and 16 kg for the dryer, and offers a body with a reduced height of 87 mm when compared to existing models. With the help of artificial intelligence, the machine adapts to the programmed fabric to offer the best washing and drying possible.

During the announcement, LG did not reveal the official WashTower price, but news is expected to come very soon.

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