LG announces helmet to treat male pattern baldness


In addition to cell phones, smart TVs, appliances and computers, LG also has a beauty products division, called Pra.L, which has just launched a “helmet” to treat baldness in men. The novelty, unveiled this week in South Korea, promises to help with hair growth.

Entitled LG Pra.L MediHair, it is presented by the brand as a “medical device for the treatment of hair loss in the form of a helmet”. To do so, it uses a system known as low-level light therapy (LLLT), which stimulates hair growth and is approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for male pattern baldness (alopecia) androgenetics).

The device has 146 lasers and 104 LED lights to stimulate the stem cells responsible for making hair grow, delaying the appearance of baldness, according to the manufacturer. These lights are concentrated in the areas where there are the highest incidences of hair loss, such as the front of the head and the crown.

Also according to LG, a clinical study by the National University Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, found that using Pra.L MediHair three times a week for 16 weeks can contribute to improving density and thickness of the wires.

Modes of use

LG’s helmet for treating baldness has three main operating modes. In the “Total Care” mode, the entire scalp is treated, while in the “Front Care” option, only the front part is benefited. In “Top Care”, the use is concentrated in the crown area.

There is also the “My Care” mode, which assists users who are undecided as to which party should receive treatment. When activated, the device uses sensors to detect which areas of the scalp need to be treated.

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Pricing and other details about Pra.L MediHair will be revealed by the end of October.


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