Leyndell Capital from Eldan Ring has changed a lot before the launch


Since its launch, Elden Ring has received a number of updates that have completed quest lines, improved weapon balance, made some quality of life improvements, and more. Some of these changes were welcome, like the NPC markers on the Elden Ring map, while others were small and hidden, like the paired boss changes.

SPOILERS FOR THE ELDEN RING AHEAD are Big and small, there have been all sorts of updates, including the capital of Leindell. For example, one update removed the use of fire from Morgott’s introductory video in the area, but it seems that Leindell could be repeated over and over again, right up to the launch.

One YouTuber, known as Sekiro Dubi, apparently played version 1.0 of the Elden Ring —a version that shipped without updates. Many wouldn’t even think about not updating the game, but this has led to major discoveries in games like Cyberpunk 2077, and now in Elden Ring. In particular, although the Leindell area looks identical, the enemies who occupied it have undergone many changes.

The updated version of Leindell was recaptured from the previous battle by the supporters of the Golden Order, but in version 1.0 there are several more Crucible Knights and Exiled Knights in the capital. Some even seem to worship Gransax’s body, dragon players are scrambling all over the capital. The messengers of the Oracle, who are said to appear heralding a new era, are also nowhere to be seen. And finally, Morgott, the King of Omens, goes by the name Prince of Omen instead.

This led some to believe that this released version of Laindell should have happened earlier in the game’s timeline, while many were still fighting for control of the city before Morgott did. Morgott seeks to protect Erdtry and his family, despite the fact that he is Omen, and this is closely related to history. After defeating him, players will embark on a journey and find a way to burn the Erdtry, heralding a new era and eventually facing the first two Elden Lords — Godfrey and Radagon.

In general, the game has a lot of cut or modified content that raises more questions than answers. There seems to be a cut-out prologue in which the players fought under Godfrey’s command outside the Lands Between, before the return of the Tarnished Ones. The chronology of Elden Ring is far from accurate, but it’s interesting how much has changed in the various updates of the game.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.