Lewis Hamilton challenges the world. The champion does not cut himself!


Alfa Romeo and the W11 monopolize all eyes

The proofs, the photos, the declarations, the expectations, the hopes and the work and the preparation are nothing if on the track they cannot be reflected. This is how the world understands Lewis Hamilton who received his doctorate as one of the best drivers ever in the last two years and this season is one step away from becoming the best ever, along with the late Michael Schumacher.

Yesterday he put his six titles on the table and uncovered the full confidence he has in himself and that those records, already historical, give him in the presentation of Mercedes’ new brand new silver arrow, the W11. Hamilton, along with his team, a true dominator beyond the last five years in the Formula 1 World Championship , displayed acidic thoughts about the competition and its rivals that left no one indifferent.


He talked about the nervousness and weakness that he senses in his opponents when talking about him and Mercedes . The Briton feels these two traits in them, they are plausible, in fact he went further stating that “I find it fun since I prefer to speak on the track . ” Of course Hamilton gave much more of himself and again marked territory by stating that he has prepared thoroughly and that he thinks of improving not only with respect to last season, but to do so as a pilot.

He even talked about raising the bar , something that, considering where they come in the star (being first and second – Valtteri Bottas -), that is enough. A surprise will have been for the Leclerc, Vettel and company, while a challenge, listen to the champion. As a surprise was the release of Alfa Romeo with its C39 , scheduled for Montmeló next Wednesday but that can already be seen in the Fiorano circuit.

Here who does not run, fly This is burning!


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