Lety Calderon say their kids don’t want Yadhira Carrillo


The relationship between Lety Calderón and Yadhira Carrillo continues to cause a war of declarations between the two actresses, who once again contradict each other after the Aguascalientes native assured that her husband’s children, Juan Collado, have not been able to go to prison. Because her mother does not allow them, before this, the villain of ‘Empire of Lies’ gave her version and assured that she has always been interested in her children being close to their father.

“It’s not that easy to go either. Since the first day I have been insisting on going to see Juan with the children and it has not been possible, I am tired of trying by all means to visit him, I understand that he will have his reasons, but I cannot insist on something that I know. has denied, “he explained during an interview with the morning program ‘Venga la Alegría’.

She also shared that the adolescents are not in continuous contact with the lawyer, and it has been about seven occasions that they have spoken with her and not daily as Yadhira Carrillo assures. On the other hand, he was forceful in revealing that Juan Collado has always supported her financially, but reiterated that he has always been an absent father due to his work, travel and personal life, so he visited them sporadically, never constantly.

After a few weeks ago Yadhira Carrillo begged Lety Calderón to let her children go to the North Prison in Mexico City where Collado has been since June 2019, he replied.

“It’s a lie, they are one for which, I think. I have always wanted my children to be close to their father and I will confess it, if at some point Juan and I have argued it has been because of that, for saying come see them or do not tell them lies, those have been our topics of discussion ” added.

Before concluding, the actress confessed that her children do not have a good relationship with the actress, and on occasion they have been rude because they do not get along with her.

“No, in fact, with all due respect, they don’t want to see her either, she’s not a person close to them, they don’t live with her, one of my children, I’m not going to say who, she was even rude. I have obviously scolded him. I have always demanded respect from my children, several years ago they went to their house and I told them: ‘they respect the lady’, I cannot demand affection from them, before I could manipulate them, but right now they are adolescents and I have to respect their feelings “, evidenced.


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