Letterhead In Word: Learn How To Do It


Word is one of the most popular text editors and probably the most accessed by a large part of the public. In addition to editing what is written, it also offers several other tools for the user, such as the possibility of creating a letterhead.

If you want to know the procedures for creating a document with these templates, check out our tips below.


How to create letterhead in Word

Once Word is finished loading, you can take two paths to create your letterhead. The first one is to do this procedure completely from scratch, but there is also the possibility of using the existing templates within this Office program.

We will initially give you the tips for a model created entirely by you. Check out:

Open Word and create a blank document;


Once the document is open, go to the Insert tab and then click on Header to place the most important information. As a rule, it is common to put your company name, address and at least one contact phone number;


If you want to include your company logo, click Insert and select Image. Search for this file on your computer and add it in the desired location, adjusting the size to the proportion you want to use in the document;
In the next step, you need to create a footer. Click Insert, select Footer and choose the most suitable model, adjusting with the information that is most important for your document;
Finally, if deemed necessary, you can include separator lines to mark where the header and footer are (to do this, click Insert, then Shapes and choose the type of line you want to use), and then save the document – which is now ready for use.


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