Letter From the EU to Italy: We Are With You Now

Letter from the EU to Italy: We are with you now
“Each Euro available will be used against the coronavirus”
The EU Commission member Italy apologized to Italy, the member of the European Union (EU), who was most severely affected by the coronavirus epidemic and complained of being left alone in the fight against the epidemic. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote an article in the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”, admitting that the Union did not show enough solidarity with Italy initially.
“We are now with Italy”
“They did not realize that we could only defeat Pandemic together as a Union. It was hurt and could be avoided. Today, Europe is on the side of Italy,” the German politician said in his article, that most EU countries focused too much on their own situation at the beginning of the crisis.
“Each Euro available will be used against the coronavirus”
Von der Leyen emphasized that the first application will be launched in Italy, stating that as in the case of Germany, up to 100 billion euros will be provided for short-working practice across Europe. The President of the EU Commission also reminded that they recommend using every euro available in the EU annual budget to combat the coronavirus.
EU attitude sparked anger in Italy
In Italy, which suffered heavy losses in the coronavirus, the distant attitude of the EU created anger and the far-right League party brought the country’s departure from the EU to the agenda. The European countries’ failure to send medical supplies to Italy and some countries, including Germany, refused to issue a common Euro bond in the fight against coronavirus caused a coldness between Brussels and Rome.
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