“Lets me hit…” — Jason Bateman on directing in The Ozarks when he was just starting out


Jason Bateman is not only a jack of all trades, but also a master, and Ozark proves it. The 53-year-old actor is popular for his amazing acting and comedic style. “Obnoxious Bosses,” “Slow Development,” and “Ozark” are just some of the shows he has done. Acting skills were instilled in him from a young age when he appeared in Golden Grahams.

Although it was the success of “Slow Development” that attracted everyone’s attention to him back in 2003. After struggling with the decline of early fame, he rose with the return of a series picked up by Netflix. Meanwhile, he also directed and performed in one of the most successful shows on the Ozark platform. But what does it take to fill two positions and achieve success in this? Bateman lays it all bare in an interview.

Jason Bateman on his experience directing and playing in The Ozarks

Jason Bateman was asked what it was like to manage the Ozarks while playing the lead role. During an episode of Close Up with THR, Bateman sat with a group of actors talking about their popular show.

“It allowed me to achieve this tonal goal that I wanted when I read the first two episodes that were written,” the actor said of his dual position in Netflix Original. It also allowed him to edit his own character while editing.

Other guests of the show agreed that as actors they should tone the dialogue, remembering how it can be edited. The Round Table of Dramatic Actors also included Michael B. Jordan, Darren Criss, Matthew Rhys and Jeff Daniels. J. K. Simmons allowed himself to cheerfully correct Bateman when he said that he wanted to do more than “just play” in the series.

As a result, Ozark received a total of 45 nominations for the Primetime Awards, and Jason Bateman received the award for best director of a drama series in 2019. The crime thriller has come to an end this year, but Jason Bateman is busy with future projects. He is the co-producer of the film “Your Place or Mine” starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon.

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