Let’s Adams named Derek Carr a member of the Hall of Fame: fan reaction


Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Davante Adams is crushed by what he recently said about his new quarterback Derek Carr.

Discussing the transition from playing with Aaron Rodgers to Carr, he named both Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

“Every time you change a QB from Hall of fame to hall of fame, it’s going to be a little adjustment,” Adams said.


“Derek Carr, we’re thinking of one Derek Carr, I don’t think we’re lost in dollars, maybe Mr. Adams,” one fan wrote.

“No one is mad at the answer, IMAO. It’s just funny that he called Carr a HOFer, and yes, he could have been honest, and Carr would probably have realized that he knows damn well that he’s not built like Aaron,” one Packers fan wrote.

“Lol, Derek Carr made about 1,000 passes last year and didn’t make 30 passes. So you, Adams, are his best friend,” another fan said.

“This boy called Carr HOFer, come on, dude, just say they’re both highly qualified or something,” the fan commented.

“A master-level troll… likes how he’s all—in with the Raiders, who will be a problem for people this season,” the fan replied.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Derek Carr is not a Hall of Fame quarterback.

The good news is that he has many years left to try to prove us wrong.


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