Let us know the details if Tom Brady considers playing for another team


Given that Tom Brady’s contract expires this year, how likely is it that he will wear the third uniform of his NFL career?

According to Ian Rapoport, Brady has no problem with Pirates:

“When asked if Brady will play for another team after this year because he is a free agent, a source close to the QB very much emphasized Brady’s affection for the Bucks, from the players to the coaches, from the front office to the owners.” — an insider wrote via NFL.com .

Brady did not say for sure whether he plans to retire after the season or not. And, as the league’s investigation into the Dolphins showed, he had other interests before.

However, Brady’s attention is probably focused on what’s happening here and now, with a primetime matchup against Dak Prescott and the Cowboys on Sunday night.

They start at 20:20 eastern time on NBC.


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