Let the right frame from the TV show show the first look at the cast of vampires


Showtime has shared the first shots of the cast of its new adaptation of the TV series “Let the Right One in.” The show is a new adaptation of the 2004 Swedish horror novel Låt den rätte komma, written by John Avide Lindqvist. The story of a young man who discovers that the mysterious child next door is a vampire has captured the imagination of viewers around the world, and the story has been adapted for film twice, first in Swedish by Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy director Thomas Alfredson. , and then in English by “Batman” director Matt Reeves. In this 2010 film, which was renamed to Let me in, Cody Smith-McPhee played the lead role, and Chloe Grace Moretz played a vampire.

The new series, announced by Showtime in early 2021, received an order for 10 episodes after the pilot was produced. This time the boy is Isaiah, a New Yorker played by Ian Foreman, and the vampire neighbor Eleanor is played by Madison Taylor Baez. Her father Mark is played by Oscar nominee Demian Bichir, and the rest of the actors are played by Anika Noni Rose, Grace Gummer, Kevin Carroll, Jacob Buster, Zeljko Ivanek and Fernanda Andrade.

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Today EW released a gallery of the first images from the series Let in the one who is right, showing the main roles in all their glory. In the first image, Eleanor bares her fangs, potentially debating whether to drink Isaiah’s blood or not. The following two images give an idea of the relationship between Mark and Eleanor: in one he leads her down a dark alley, and in the other he is invited to look into their modest house. Check out the full-size images below:

These new photos are mostly taken from the pilot version of Let the Right One In. This episode, directed by Dexter and Friday Night Lights director Seith Mann, will mark the beginning of a huge change in Isaiah’s life when Eleanor and Mark move into the house next door where he lives with his mother, a policewoman played by Rose. Eleanor and Isaiah will quickly ignite a strange but deep friendship that will be strained by her dark secret during the episodes that will be released this fall.

So far, this version of “Let the Right One In” looks like it supports the atmosphere created by other adaptations. At its core, the story is quite minimalistic, in which tiny human interactions are juxtaposed with the harsh background of a harsh winter. They certainly don’t differ from that aesthetic here, although the vampire fangs have been redesigned to be more animalistic and obvious, which is certainly a frightening new detail.