“Let my husband take…” — British Journalist Gives Meghan Markle Advice on Prince Harry and Members of The Royal Family


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have declared war on the royal family with their Netflix documentary series Harry and Meghan. The Duke and Duchess spoke in detail about their problems and difficulties in the United Kingdom. Prince Harry has revealed how his wife was made a scapegoat to protect other senior family members. The royal also said that the firm planted a lot of fake stories to reduce the popularity of the former American actress.


After watching the documentary series, it’s not hard to guess that the abuse of Meghan Markle is the main cause of discord between the Duke and his family members. Meanwhile, the Sussex are not going to stop only on documentary series. More revelations and accusations are expected in Prince Harry’s memoirs, which will go on sale on January 10, 2023. Amid all the royal chaos, the British journalist gave Markle advice based on her own experience.

The TV presenter reflects on the dynamics of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with the royal family

In her column for the Daily Mail, Rowan Pelling said that she finds a response from Meghan Markle. Pelling had a similar experience, as her father-in-law hadn’t spoken to her in over five years. The British woman has learned from her own experience that a person should do everything possible to help his spouse maintain a healthy relationship with his family. The stand-up comedian believes that a decent relationship between Markle and the royal family would make Prince Harry happier. She is of the opinion that the former actress had to put aside all the pain from the institution in order to at least have a good relationship with Prince William.

In a message titled “From a writer exiled by her father-in-law for ‘unspeakable vulgarity’… Letting your husband take your side against his family will never end well,” Pelling further advises Prince Harry to work on fixing the relationship. between father and wife, before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, the broadcaster also reported that the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William has suffered the most over the past few years. The grief of losing her mother, Princess Diana, and the broken house connected the two brothers. However, the ongoing struggle has aggravated their childhood wound.

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