Let Me Solo Hero Video Shows How Hard Elven Ring Players Are Going Through the Prayer

Let Me Solo Her has achieved an almost mythical status in the Elden Ring community. Clad in a Jar helmet and armed with Rivers of Blood and Uchigatana katana, Let Me Solo Her helped more than a thousand players defeat the infamous Malenia boss, Blade of Miquella. This single player’s desire to rid all games of Malenia even attracted the attention of Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco, who sent Let Me Solo Her a special sword as a reward.
To celebrate his achievement, Let Me Solo Her released a video detailing the many events he went through while fighting Malenia. While his skills are obvious, those who summon Let Me Solo Her aren’t always so knowledgeable. With this in mind, it is worth paying attention to the many mistakes that players can make when fighting with Malenia. Although “Let Me Solo Her” intended his video as humorous, you can always learn from other people’s mistakes to save time and suffering when fighting with this tough boss Elden Ring.
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Inability to dodge the combo of Malenia and Scarlet Rot
Unlike most Elden Ring bosses, Malenia is a humanoid character with fast movements and even faster attacks. Players who are used to hiding behind a shield will find it difficult to block her progress due to how quickly they can deplete players’ stamina counters. Add to this that Malenia recovers some of her health regardless of whether the players block or not, and it’s better for them to avoid her attacks altogether.
According to the video Let Me Solo Her, most often players are killed because of the Dance of waterfowl Malenia and Scarlet Aeonia. The Waterfowl Dance is a series of attacks by Malenia that shorten the distance between her and the players, causing huge damage. The timing of each attack is different, so it is extremely difficult for players to determine when to dodge. Moreover, the final wave of the Waterfowl Dance is followed by an area attack that confuses players if they are not careful. If the players are not at a decent distance from Malenia when she performs an attack, the only way to avoid the Waterfowl Dance is to find out the time for each of her strikes.
Scarlet Aeonia is an attack that is easier to dodge, but it can also instantly kill players who don’t understand how it works. Malenia does this only in the second phase, diving towards the player and summoning a giant Scarlet Rot flower. Soon after, the flower explodes and constantly deals damage to those who fall within its range. Players who manage to survive the explosion and damage over time usually neglect the fact that standing in the Scarlet Aeonia also accumulates Scarlet Rot, which leads to a slow but almost inevitable death. It is quite easy to dodge the initial dive, but players should be aware of the constant damage and accumulation of Scarlet Rot that occurs whenever they approach Malenia.
The oblivion of Malenia has a second phase
Those who have practically no experience in dealing with Malenia may not know that she transforms as soon as her first strip of health is completely depleted. In the second phase, Malenia grows wings, deals more damage and gets new techniques in addition to her old ones. The most dangerous addition of all is her ability to cause Scarlet Rot in the players who are next to her. The rate of loss of health in case of Scarlet rot is higher than in case of poisoning, but the effect lasts less.
Players who don’t know about the second phase of the Battle don’t realize how difficult it can be. Her new techniques require players to study time, and her old techniques should be avoided with more caution due to the additional damage and Scarlet Rot she deals. Since Malenia’s transformation only occurs after players have passed her first phase, those who fight her may not have enough Flasks of crimson tears to replenish their health. This shows that those who have mastered the first phase of Malenia and are used to her attacks are worthy to take her stronger form.
Unable to give me solo her her space
As its namesake suggests, Let Me Solo Her is a seasoned veteran who fights better alone. Since Malenia is focused solely on him, Let Me Solo Her can easily predict where and how Malenia will attack. This allows him to dodge better and counterattack accordingly. Since Elden Ring boss fights end when the host is killed, it goes without saying that allowing a summoned ally to fight alone is in the interests of the host (this also gives players the opportunity to learn Malenia’s techniques and counterattacks).
Let Me Solo Her has already defeated Malenia a thousand times and is not going to stop. At level 179, the player’s summoning sign can be found at the Summoning Pond statue right next to the Malenia boss room. He only plays on PC, so those who need help can contact him at any time.
Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.