Less pamphle: housing market goes online forever


You are inside your car at the closed sign, or even walking down the street, when a person hired by a real estate company approaches and delivers a pamphlet of a new development that is under construction. This situation is more frequent than you think, but it is not as effective as it once was.

Marketing a property is more virtual than ever. With the growth of the real estate market, online platforms and marketplaces are also advancing. By digitizing part of the broker’s work – from listing a property on major portals to analyzing the customer’s credit -, the segment reinvented itself and accelerated steps to increase sales in times when pamphlets could not even be delivered.

Growth in the pandemic

In a year marked by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the real estate market in Brazil had a balance of growth in sales, motivated by the environment of low interest rates and a greater incentive for the acquisition of properties for housing or investments. Sales of new residential properties in the country totaled 189,857 units in 2020, an increase of 9.8% compared to 2019, according to a survey released by the Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry (CBIC).

From these data we can see that virtual contact has become a great ally for all sides in the real estate sector. It is true that nothing replaces the face-to-face visit to a possible new home, just as nothing compensates for the role of the broker, with his detailed and in-depth explanations of the property, but digital tools have overcome these obstacles, especially after the isolation rules that came with the pandemic.

In this way, the sites gained a more robust body, bringing a lot of information about the property, price, payment terms and the region, so that the buyer is provided with the largest number of data and images that are possible.

Scheduling the visit to the new units quickly and online was also an action guaranteed by many companies. The advantage of this option is that many people who seek to take the virtual tour, usually find it difficult to take this step or even align the schedules. Therefore, this tool is very comfortable and accessible for everyone.

It is important to understand how technology advances in all stages of the purchase of a property, advertising the project from beginning to end. For example, the use of chatbots that provide 24-hour service on the sale sites, aims to guide users in the initial phase of searching for a new apartment. On the other hand, virtual tours, especially those guided by brokers online, clarify the doubts of those who are closest to executing the purchase, and thus, it is possible to advance a good part of the way until your final choice.

Technology is our best advertising

I am not saying here that enterprises and construction companies should abolish pamphlets and word of mouth. However, the real estate market has realized that online is a basic premise for anyone who wants to sell and buy. Whether with a well-structured website, or social networks updated daily, marketplaces gained more space in a year marked by the absence of face-to-face contact.

Digital was already present in the daily lives of those who deal with real estate, but it was thanks to it that we were able to strengthen our segment and attract even more buyers. Technology is our best advertising.


Alex Frachetta, author of this article, is the founder and CEO of Apto, a marketplace that connects potential buyers of new properties to construction companies and enterprises. He is a Market Intelligence professional with more than 12 years’ experience. Post-graduated in Market Intelligence and graduated in Business Administration. He works in branding, performance marketing, inbound marketing, user experience, web development, market intelligence, customer success and commercial planning. Experience in companies in the Real Estate, Telecommunications and IT segments.


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