Less often-Jean Page in the image of James Bond, artificial intelligence, proves that he is perfect in the role of Agent 007


The art of artificial intelligence presents a fan-favorite choice for the role of James Bond, Less often Jean Page, in a much-coveted role. Last year, Daniel Craig turned down the role of Bond after five outstanding performances as a suave MI6 agent. “No Time to Die” brought the audience the first ever death of Bond on the screen, bringing Craig’s time as Agent 007 to a dramatic but satisfying conclusion. Since then, discussions about who will take the role have swept social media, and several recurring names have been among the favorites.

Names like Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill are often associated with the role of Bond, but one particular name seems to have gained considerable popularity in recent months. Page had a breakthrough role in Bridgerton–he immediately charmed viewers as the Duke of Hastings before he appeared in the recent release of the Netflix series The Grey Man and is now set to star in Dungeons and Dragons: Honor among Thieves.” Page’s name has been at the center of many discussions about Bond, and the director of Bridgerton, Julie Ann Robinson, even recently shared that she would like him to take on this role.

For those wondering what Paige might look like as the next 007 agent, a new piece of art created by artificial intelligence has presented just that. The images created with the help of Craiyon (the former DALL-E mini-program) give an idea of how Page could look in this role. Slightly distorted images show that he looks quite elegant in the iconic Bond costume. Take a look at the images below:

The Craiyon generator quickly became a hit on social networks after users discovered its almost unlimited possibilities in creating mashups from almost everything, and many used it to select actors for roles like this. Page has previously addressed Bond rumors directly, citing the fact that he is British as the main reason why people seem to have chosen him for this role. The actor further stated that he was “very happy” to be at the center of these discussions, but there is no truth in them. Bond producer Barbara Broccoli recently revealed that the next Bond film won’t be in production for at least two years as they want to “reinvent” the character.

Although these AI images offer only a rough portrayal of Page as Bond, with some imagination it’s easy to see how Bridgerton’s star is well suited for the role. While it’s unlikely that any official announcements about the next James Bond will appear in the near future, it will certainly be interesting to see what happens next with the character, since Craig has held this role for such a long period of time. Since many hope that Page’s previous comments are just an actor’s bluff, it remains to be seen who will get the coveted role and whether Page will wear this iconic tuxedo in the near future.


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