Leslie Grace Can Still Play Batgirl In Another DC Movie


While the fallout from the cancellation of HBO’s Max Batgirl continues, it seems there are some among the DC cinematic universe who want to keep Leslie Grace on their active cast list. In this regard, new reports have emerged that, although Grace has lost her role as Batgirl in the movie, there is a chance that the character may appear in another project, or she may be recast in another role.

Grace first landed the role of Batgirl last summer, and from that moment it seemed that she and her new movie on HBO Max were in full swing. Then the management of the network changed, and suddenly several different projects appeared that were in danger of failure. Almost instantly, the HBO movie Max, which was also supposed to feature a cameo role of Michael Keaton playing his version of Bruce Wayne/Batman, turned from danger to officially canceled, despite the level of shock and disappointment of all participants in the project.

Grace made it clear that she was unhappy that all her work on “Batgirl” was in vain. According to Variety, Warner Bros. Pictures Group executives Michael De Luca and Pam Abdi are unhappy that their star is unhappy, and some attempts have been made to mend relations. These efforts have been described by some sources as a leadership team looking for other projects in which Grace could play a major role, or other projects in which Batgirl Grace could appear. It’s important to note that while De Luca and Abdi are interested in making Grace happy after the cancellation of “Batgirl,” they may not have the final say in this kind of maneuver.

CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav is still looking for who will oversee future DC projects. There are rumors that he is looking for someone who will become a version of Kevin Feige from the DC cinematic universe. Whether Grace will wear the Batgirl cape and hood again will largely depend on who will do the job. It also remains an open question whether Michael Keaton’s return to the role of Bruce Wayne is officially in the past.

At the moment, Grace and Keaton are still dealing with the consequences of the fact that the Batgirl project, on which they have been working for quite a long time, was suddenly postponed. Then they will have to decide if they are interested in other DC projects.


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