Leslie Grace and Abraham Mateo didn’t fit in the bathtub


Much water! Leslie Grace and Abraham Mateo didn’t fit in the bathtub. The singer takes a bit more risk and is well received.

As for Latin music, Leslie Grace sounds strong in everyone’s mouth, because it has been consolidated as an important reference of the genre. She recently showed that she can be very versatile, by doing this collaboration with Abraham Mateo, for the release of her new single “What will it be”.


They are two of the new popular young talents and “What Will It Be” is a theme that shows a different facet of the famous singer, who exposes her entire side of a fatal and much more mature woman. The video was directed by Mike Ho and represents the story of the song.


The famous Bronx girl stars with Abraham, some slightly risen scenes, which create the perfect atmosphere for the song.

In the video you can see that there is an intense magnetism between Leslie and the singer, which intermingle with feelings of confusion about the relationship.


Leslie Grace will not stop at this new single, but also is already working on other projects, which will surprise us soon.

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