Lesley-Ann Brandt was shocked that her post was deleted!


Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer) got angry on Instagram after deleting one of her social media posts … The Lucifer actress isn’t going to let it go. Yesterday, Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays Maze in the hit series, raged against the social network Instagram.

The reason is very simple. Instagram therefore decided to delete one of its posts. For non-compliance with the rules of use of the social network.

Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer) has indeed uploaded an image to strongly condemn the demonstrations that took place on Capitol Hill. They shocked a lot of people.

The young woman therefore spoke through several videos in order to restore the truth and thus explain to her fans why her post has mysteriously disappeared. Lesley-Ann Brandt posted no less than three successive videos to express themselves. And so she didn’t mince words.


So the American actress began with this: “So I will summarize for you how I felt since Instagram saw fit to delete my post. Instagram refuses to see a black woman express her grief. What a shame. This is delirium. ” And this is only the beginning.

“So that means that there are people following me who have flagged my post. So they’re okay with what happened yesterday… You’re a shame. You are scaring me. Actually. », She then added. Lesley-Ann Brandt has always stood up for her beliefs and yesterday’s attack on Capitol Hill left her unmoved.

“How can you condone this? It is shameful. And that says a lot. Really… It says a lot, ”concludes Lesley-Ann Brandt in her video. In the United States, pro-Trump protesters have therefore succeeded in penetrating the Capitol. They protested against the inauguration of Joe Biden. They therefore broke windows but also furniture.

And not that! Indeed, activists died because of this intrusion.

Lesley-Ann Brandt and many others have therefore given their opinions on what they describe as despicable attacks. Like singer Dua Lipa: “Why not call the pro-Trump protesters by what they are. Terrorists. Because that’s what they are. Terrorists ”, we can read in his Instagram story. And she’s not the only one angry!


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