Lesley-Ann Brandt shares adorable video of her son!


Lesley-Ann Brandt shoots her last scenes in the Lucifer series. The actress posted an adorable message from her son on Instagram.

Lesley-Ann Brandt will soon be saying goodbye to fans of the Lucifer series. The actress is a mom to a baby boy and showed off an adorable video on Instagram.

Several months ago, Netflix aired the first part of Lucifer season 5. Fans were able to find Chloe heartbroken after the devil left. The King of Hell had indeed chosen to return underground so as not to endanger those close to him. The public was thus able to meet all new characters.

During the devil’s absence, Michael, his twin brother, arrived on Earth and assumed his identity. He got very close to Chloe and didn’t hesitate to manipulate Maze. After his break with Eve, the character of Lesley-Ann Brandt is at its worst and therefore experiences a real descent into hell.

Lucifer’s midseason finale was packed with action and God made a splash. Lucifer’s father has ended the conflict with Michael and no one knows his intentions yet. Netflix has not announced a date for the sequel to air, and the series appears to be lagging behind due to Covid-19.

For its part, Lesley-Ann Brandt is on the set of season 6, which will forever mark the adventures of the devil. After filming her final touching scenes with Tom Ellis, the actress needed a break and is therefore glad to have reunited with her son.

Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer) shares adorable video of her son!


It’s a very moving finale for the actors of Lucifer. A few days ago, Lesley-Ann Brandt shot her last scene with her co-star Tom Ellis. She showed off Maze’s last sexy outfit and didn’t hide her emotions. »That. After our last scene between Maze and Lucifer on the show, “she said while uploading a snapshot of herself in the arms of the show’s lead actor.

After several intense days on the set, Maze’s performer was able to take a break and reunite with his son. The 39-year-old actress is the mother of little Kingston Payne, just 4 years old. The little one is a real ray of sunshine and Lesley-Ann Brandt did not hesitate to share an adorable video of her child.

So, for International Women’s Day, the Lucifer actress filmed her son. The little golden-haired boy showed himself smiling, looking a little shy. In the video, she can be heard saying “Happy International Women’s Day!”.

The actress is therefore already educating her child to respect women and wants to be very involved in this task. “The little boy has a message for all women,” wrote co-star Tom Ellis. Finally, the cabbage has cracked all the fans. Many of them left messages and congratulated him. “What love”, we can read in the comments.


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