Les Marseillais 5: Nacca unfaithful to Eloise on set?


Stories of deception are commonplace in the world of reality TV and especially in Les Marseillais. As the filming of Marseillais 5 draws to a close, we know a little more, especially about the possible deception of Nacca. MCE tells you more!

Filming is coming to an end, and stories are already beginning to pour in. Indeed, according to initial rumors, Eloise was reportedly eliminated in Les Marseillais 5, and to prove his love for her, Nacca decided to follow her.

Aqababe revealed on Instagram a few days ago, “Yesterday Eloise jumped into a duel of champions and Nacca followed her. Now the reason why Vivi, Nacca, Eloise got unfollow I’m completely on the record, it’s too intriguing ”.

It didn’t take much for the couple’s fans to start investigating. And it would seem that this “dispute” in Les Marseillais 5 is actually a staging. In any case, this is the speculation of Internet users.

“Nacca is at the hotel to integrate cross-country filming. Chance does things well, it’s cold with Eloise… Another scenario set up by the production to put a little peps on ”.


But a new rumor is raging on the networks. Indeed, some netizens accuse Nacca of cheating on Eloise in Les Marseillais.

For weeks, some have accused him of cheating on him in order to deliver a beautiful sequence. Information that the two interested parties did not wish to comment on.

But a source close to the shoot, the wassim.tv Instagram account has just revealed that Nacca would have been flawless in the adventure. Whether it’s before or after his beautiful one arrives. The latter would not have taken a single second!

An information that will reassure the many fans of the couple while waiting to find out more during the broadcast of the episodes of Marseillais 5! Business to follow!


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