Leonardo DiCaprio Will Produce A Series Based On The Book


Leonardo DiCaprio will go out on camera as an actor to produce an original series based on The Island, a classic book first published in 1962 by Aldous Huxley that talks a lot about society, human behavior and the big question: how we should be for us to live in peace?

According to information released first hand by Variety, there is still no more information about the series. In addition to production in the hands of Leonardo DiCaprio, it has been announced that Rose Sharon and George DiCaprio have joined the fact sheet as executive producers. Check out more about the story and what we can expect from the new series!

The story behind The Island of Aldous Huxley

The Island is the last story published by the English writer, who died in 1963 and left behind a legacy, including Brave New World, his most famous work.

The story revolves around a shipwreck that takes place on Pala, a fictional island located in the Indian Ocean.

The shipwreck victim is Will Farnaby, a journalist with a very rational personality who realizes the need to explore the environment to stay alive until rescued. Throughout the process, he ends up bumping into a local community that lives only on what is necessary, without giving in to the desires of consumerism and technological advances, based only on the search for happiness.

Will is delighted with the practice and ends up changing his mind and lifestyle after meeting the utopian community present on the island.

From there, Aldous Huxley deals with major contemporary themes, such as religion, nature, purpose in life, self-awareness and much more. We hope that the series produced by DiCaprio can also provide discussions as interesting as the book!