Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese will star in the seventh film


Cinematic couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are back together as they reunite for their seventh film: The Bet. As one of the best actors and the best directors in Hollywood, any new project involving any of them becomes something like an event film. These two men have become excellent partners over the years, since in 2002, in the film “Gangs of New York”, the young DiCaprio became the partner of the legendary director for the first time. Their partnership continued in the 2004 films The Aviator and The Renegades in 2006, in which Leo became the main character, and later he became a Hollywood star.

The couple took a short break after “The Apostates” finally brought Scorsese the Oscar for Best Film. It was then, in 2010, DiCaprio starred in Scorsese’s detective thriller “Island of the Damned.” In 2013, they worked together again on the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, which is often called their best collaboration. DiCaprio has not appeared in any Scorsese films since, although the director has directed two more films. He is set to play a supporting role in Scorsese’s upcoming 2023 film Flower Moon Killers, which will be their sixth film together.

It became known that Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are working on their seventh film. THR reported the news that Scorsese is going to produce and direct “Bet”, in which DiCaprio will also produce and play the main role. The film is an adaptation of the recently released book “Bet: A Story of Shipwreck, Mutiny and Murder”, which was written by Killers of the Flower Moon author David Grann. DiCaprio and Scorsese’s new film will be released on Apple Original Films, but no release date has been announced. It is also unknown when filming will begin.

DiCaprio and Scorsese’s film “The Bet” takes place in the 1740s and focuses on two groups of shipwrecked people. In the first boat to arrive off the coast of Brazil, there are 30 emaciated men who claim to be the surviving crew of a British shipwrecked on a remote island. The second ship arrives at the coast of Chile six months later and in worse condition, it has three sailors who claim that the rest of the men are rebels. The story of survival in the navy is based on a test by the British Admiralty to find out what really happened between the two ships and in what harsh conditions people fought for survival.

Unsurprisingly, The Wager doesn’t sound like any other DiCaprio-Scorsese collaboration. Their films usually explore different genres and sets, which gives both artists the opportunity to do something new together. Thanks to this couple, some of Martin Scorsese’s best films were shot. Although there is no news about when viewers will be able to see the seventh film of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese together, this will not prevent fans of their individual works and collaboration from being enthusiastic about the bet. Now the couple just need to finish “Flower Moon Killers” to focus on the new movie.


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