Leonardo DiCaprio, Ada’s television adaptation


According to Variety, Leonardo DiCaprio will develop the series The Island, based on Aldous Huxley’s book on utopia. The original work explores themes such as freedom and the potential of human power and is seen as a counterpoint to his most famous work, Brave New World, from 1932. However, it has not been revealed whether the actor will star in the production and on which platform it will be launched.

The plot will accompany a cynical journalist, who after a shipwreck will find the fictional island of Pala, in the Indian Ocean. Initially tasked with exploring the natural resources of the site, he will discover an independently organized society, where humans live ideally and in peace.

Soon, he will be attracted to these people through their cultures and traditions, among them psychedelic adventures and alternative social structures. Such interest ends up changing the protagonist’s mission and vision on different issues.

The project will be produced by DiCaprio through his company, Appian Way, alongside George DiCaprio (Greensburg) and Roee Sharon (Freedom Path), in partnership with Jason Whitmore (Four Horsemen) from In Good Company Films. The start date of the recordings and premiere, as well as the cast of A Ilha, has not yet been revealed.

Founded by Leonardo DiCaprio in 2004, the producer has acted in several titles, such as O Aviador, Ilha do Fear and O Lobo de Wall Street. In recent years, it has gained more space in streaming services, with documentaries on Netflix, including Virunga, The Ivory Extermination and The Cow Conspiracy: The Secret of Sustainability, and Disney +, with the upcoming limited series The Right Stuff.

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