Leo want to dress Messi like a rojiblanco again


Friendship moves mountains and we must never underestimate what is behind a one as deep as that between Luis Suárez and Leo Messi, a separation that has even hurt even the fans of other teams, not just Barcelona.

And due to this, now the strong rumor that is sounding is that in a madness movement, Leo Messi could return to wear the colors of Atlético … yes, as they read it, because that has already happened on one occasion.

During 2009, in a match organized by the club’s Foundation and Maxi Rodríguez, his friends faced those of Javier Zanetti. Maxi counted on Leo as a great figure and since then they saw that the stripes did not fit him at all.

Even the president of Atlético himself, Enrique Cerezo, opened an option for the dream to come true, as expressed in the Cope’s Partidazo program. “In life, if you want … If Leo Messi wants to play with Luis Suárez, I will I say the same thing that is said with nougats: ‘Let me come home for Christmas’. With hope, everything is possible, “he said.

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