Leo Messi’s spectacular Valentine’s gift for Antonela Roccuzzo


Suzy Cortez’s heart will break! Leonel Messi surprised his wife Antonela Roccuzzo with a spectacular gift, the dream of many.

Who said that celebrities are not retailers? Footballer Leo Messi scored a goal this Valentine’s Day with the gift he prepared for his wife Antonela Roccuzzo.

Anto fulfilled the dream of many women to receive a huge detail of the legendary scorer, who did not spare and prepared the bedroom for this special day.

The envied room was decorated with dozens of balloons on the ceiling, more balloons with details and heart shapes on the sides, a huge “I love you” with rose petals on the bed, a bear, chocolates, champage and some more details than they surely fascinated Leonel Messi’s wife.

It was Antonela herself who presumed such beautiful detail in her Instagram stories and soon made the images and the envy of the other females viral.

The couple has shown to have a solid and loving relationship, both met very young but the love remained, matured and continued even after the success of the player.

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Juntos es siempre mejor ❤️

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In Roccuzzo social networks you can observe the romantic and special moments that live together and not only as a couple, but also as parents because they enjoy their children fully.

Now Messi scored a great goal, we just hope he has not broken the heart of the beautiful Suzy Cortez who does not stop showing her love and admiration on social networks.


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