Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? Di María played with both


Ángel Di María lives a moment of grace, he is currently one of the greatest stars of Paris Saint-Germain and that is saying a lot because if there is a team in the world full of world stars, that is the Parisian team.

ESPN’s Playroom program broadcast an interview with the “noodle”, who is one of the few stars who have passed through the show and who have had the honor of playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, with the first at Real Madrid, with “La Pulga” in the Argentine team.

Migue Granados, host of the night show, warned Di María from the outset that he was going to put him in an uncomfortable situation: “‘ Messi versus Ronaldo ‘, the section is called. I’m going to make you look like the fret ”and thus started a funny comparison between both stars:

“At the time of the game, which of the two is more selfish, the one who passes the ball the least if he is in front of the goal?” The Argentine answered without hesitation: “Cristiano”

“Which of the two is hotter or worse loser?” Granados asked again. “Ufff, it’s difficult, Cris is very noticeable and Leo has a lot of fever inside; I don’t know which of the two. To see it and how they are, I think it is more Christian, “he concluded.

“When you arrive at an event, a birthday, which one smells better?” The driver surprised again. “What do I know! What do you think, that I’m going to hug them to see how they smell? “…” It could be a Christian, “he reflected at the end.

“Which of the two is more ostentatious?” Was the next question: “Cristiano. Messi must spend it on his family, on his children, on his wife. Now I don’t know, from what you see of Cris, what he shows, has changed a lot and is more familiar, but Leo was always behind the happiness of his family. He must spend on that, on his vacations, on buying things for his wife and children, ”said the speedy PSG winger.


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