Lenovo ThinkReality smart glasses make their mark at CES

One of the products that marked CES 2021 came from Lenovo. CES 2021 subsequently launched its smart glasses called ThinkReality, the hardware manufacturer offering 3D visualizations and AR guided workflows for businesses.

“One of the most advanced and versatile smart glasses”

Introduced by Lenovo at CES 2021, the smart glasses ThinkReality promises a highly ambitious experience for corporate customers. Speaking about ThinkReality on the market, Lenovo says the next generation smart glasses are one of the most advanced and versatile glasses.

In addition, Lenovo states that it has announced the ThinkReality A3 at a time when the world is trying to adopt new technologies for smart collaboration. The new generation smart glasses, which have a much more stylish appearance than the first ThinkReality A6, draw attention with their sunglasses-like design.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 SoC, the glasses provide a virtual screen display of up to five 1080 pixels resolution. In addition, the smart glasses have an 8-megapixel fisheye camera that can capture 1080p video. In addition, it should be noted that the smart glasses need to be connected to a PC or Motorola smartphone via USB-C for operation.

Lenovo anticipates the next generation of smart glasses to be used in many applications across the industry. Lenovo designed the ThinkReality A3 smart glasses for use in factories and laboratory-style corporate areas, and did not specify any consumer prices for the product. However, it announced that it will be available at various points around the world in mid-2021.



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