Lenovo Introduces Embedded Google Assistant


In addition to introducing new notebooks and tablets, China’s Lenovo also officially unveiled today the inclusion of yet another accessory focused on users looking for devices for smart homes, with the officialization of Smart Clock Essential.

With a simple look, the new smart watch has a 4 “screen, responsible for displaying information that includes the current time, climate and temperature and the day, however it is not clear whether the brand will offer the same touch support seen on the “common” version, already known.

Another detail that can be observed in the new smart watch is that it has a night light built into the rear, a USB port for charging other devices and a speaker with 1.5 “and 3W, which will allow the consumption of songs directly on your watch.

Not least, it has the availability of the integrated Google Assistant, which gives it access to make calls, control connected smart devices, add items to the shopping list and play streaming services (which gives access to playlists and podcasts).

Pricing and availability

As for availability, we have that Lenovo confirmed its arrival of the new smart watch Lenovo Smart Clock Essential already in the month of September in the North American market, for the suggested price of US $ 49.99, that is, something around R $ 274 in direct conversion.

For the time being, there is no information regarding price or availability in the Brazilian market.


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