Lenovo and Dolby go to collaborate


The prominent technology brand Lenovo will cooperate with Dolby to improve sound quality in video calls. This move of Lenovo, which wants to increase the productivity of its users, draws attention in today’s widespread remote working days.

Lenovo will use Dolby Voice on its new computer

Video conference calls, which have become very important today, have become an integral part of business life. For this reason, many new applications have been developed to provide users with a quality conversation experience. However, many users still do not get the full efficiency of their video calls and experience problems with sound quality. This is why many users do not want to do their job in video calls and do not rely on such actions.

This is why Lenovo and Dolby come together and aim to solve this problem. The collaboration over Dolby Voice, which has been on the market for some time, will begin with Lenovo adapting this technology to two upcoming laptops. Normally, you need a separate hardware to use Dolby Voice technology. However, the cooperation of Lenovo and Dolby prevents this situation and eliminates the need for hardware with new generation Lenovo computers.

Dolby Voice technology offers a successful performance in sound amplification as well as dynamic equalization features. Notable for its noise reduction, audio technology promises clear sound that you can use to convey any information you think is relevant to the person you are speaking to.


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