Lenovo Air 5 projector launched in China


Lenovo has just launched its newest Air 5 projector in the Chinese market with an extremely compact design for people who need to display projects or want to play content without complications.

As its main focus is portability, the Air 5 is only 13.6 mm high and has a square design with rounded corners. The model has a metal body, glass finish on top with biometric reader and touch panel to control what is being reproduced.

Allowing to play videos in maximum Full HD resolution of 1080p, the projector has 16 GB of internal storage, has support for remote control via Bluetooth or infrared sensor, in addition to being equipped with a four-channel LED lamp with brightness of up to 2600 lumens.

Although compact, the model does not lack connections: we have an HDMI port, a USB Type-A port, another USB Type-C port and a video connector.

It is possible to connect the smartphone or computer via the USB-C port to transmit video, in addition to also supporting wireless projection by both Android or iOS devices.

The Lenovo Air 5 will be available in China starting August 1 for the suggested price of 2,999 yuan, or about R $ 2,240 in approximate conversion.


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