Lenny Kravitz once bragged about his abs and claimed a role in “Super Mike 3,” now he’s doubling down on Channing Tatum’s joke


In the world of musicians turned actors, Lenny Kravitz probably has one of the most unique resumes. Applying for roles in such projects as “Jewel” and “The Hunger Games”, as well as for a role in the new films of 2023 with the film “Shotgun Wedding”, this man showed that he can do a lot on the screen. Obviously, Kravitz took this fact to heart, as he redoubled his efforts trying to become part of the “Super Mike” franchise along with Channing Tatum.

You can blame Instagram for this chain of events, since Kravitz Sr. set a thirst trap that forced both his daughter Zoya and her boyfriend/star of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” to make the same joke. This joke obviously called into question whether Lenny would want to audition for the very sequel that is currently in production. See the pictures below:


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Lenny Kravitz (@lennykravitz)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

When ET picked up on these humorous topics, it led to Lenny Kravitz making the following statement in this regard. Whether he is joking or not, we will leave it to you, dear readers, to find out for yourself:

Well, I thought, you know, your boyfriend could give me a job. There is always the number 4.

Oh, Lenny, if only you’d said something before the big Magic Mike 3 announcement. You know, the one where the title mentions that the third movement is the “last dance”. However, Lenny Kravitz’s hopes of getting on the floor are not as hopeless as you think.

Not so long ago, “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” was released in theaters, turning director Steven Soderbergh’s triquel from the HBO Max original into a full-fledged cinematic event. All this hype and excitement can make fans want more, and the director of No Sudden Move has stated that there is potential for spin-offs that are not centered around Mike Lane. So if Lenny Kravitz is still pumping his abs, like in that infamous thirst trap, he may have a good chance when it comes to getting the lead role.

Honestly, how could you refuse such a press? Channing Tatum may have ended the life of “Super Mike,” but if Lenny Kravitz is serious about getting into the franchise, the world will probably agree to this deal. This is something worth thinking about, in case the performance sending “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” to cinemas pays off as much as everyone hopes. In this case, it’s better for Lenny to continue his good work, and the guys from Warner Bros better come up with a name for this potential universe.

Shotgun Wedding will debut on January 23 and will be available only to those who have a Prime Video subscription. If you need an extra incentive to sign up for it, consider it your call to action. Meanwhile, “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” is heading to theaters, including a new lap dance from Channing Tatum, on February 10, 2023.


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