Léna Situations supported by singer Angèle on Instagram!


Léna Situations visited Quotidien yesterday. And if her book is a success, some criticize the young woman. Angela defends her.

Léna Situations was on the set of Quotidien last night. It was the first time that the YouTuber was on television. Alongside Yann Barthès, she therefore explained the release of her book and its meaning. But obviously not everyone can like. Angela defends her.

For weeks, the young woman’s book has been in the top 1 in book sales. For once, young people read and tear themselves away from this book. But it’s not to everyone’s taste. And especially not to old literature which finds this book to be of no interest.

So yes, it’s not great literature, but the book is good. It is a personal development book that simply builds self-confidence. But on Quotidien, Yann Barthès shows him the criticisms of Frédéric Beigbeder.

The well-known writer openly criticizes the work of Léna Situations in an article. And the words are violent: “147 empty pages, 19.50 euros lost”. Obviously, the writer gets trashed on social media. But the young woman responds well to her provocation.


But Léna Situations made a very nice spiel after that. “I think this is a very personal review. There have been attacks like “she lacks culture, she is narcissistic”. But it’s a bit easy to tackle the new generation. ”

“Then we respond that we are maybe a little tired of this intellectual snobbery and the contempt that we can have towards young people when we try to do things. »She adds. And her response was unanimous. It’s Angèle who shares it on Instagram.

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Léna Situations is happy to see the feedback on her intervention and the support around her. Because like it or not, her book has sold more than some bestsellers and that deserves a little respect.


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