Léna Situations covered in flowers for her 23rd birthday!


The young Léna Mahfouf aka Léna Situations is spoiled for her 23rd birthday! We give you more details. Léna Situations receives lots of gifts for her birthday!

Today November 19, Léna Situations celebrates its 23rd spring! Yes, she is one of those who celebrate their birthdays in full confinement.

But failing to have a big evening, the young woman received a lot of gifts. And above all a lot of flowers!

Léna Situations thus shared in Story her magnificent bouquets of flowers. The young influencer was covered in flowers.

And what better than flowers to wish a happy birthday! Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and his “glam team” did not miss this opportunity!

The young woman seems to be delighted with her gifts. And besides the bouquets of flowers, she received plenty of other gifts!


Léna Situations therefore received what appears to be a huge box set from the Dior brand. In one of her stories, she unveils a second gift which gave her great pleasure.

This is a Starbucks shopping voucher! Thus, the young woman will be able to afford her favorite drink from the store.

On top of that, the young woman is on the cover of issue 292 of Stylist magazine. Indeed the magazine even devotes a whole page to her where she reveals her favorite products of the famous brand. To discover here.

In short, the young woman seems filled for her birthday. Moreover, even if the birthday of Léna Situations arrives in full confinement, the young woman has found a solution to celebrate this special day.

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Indeed Léna Situations has more than one trick up its sleeve! She sent surprise boxes to all her friends so that everyone can celebrate their birthday on their own!

Enough to give ideas to those whose birthdays fall in confinement! We’ll tell you more tomorrow. Stay Connected!


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