Léna Situations condemned the mockery at the TPMP!


Léna Situations is very proud of her. She feels good about herself. However, this has not always been the case! She spoke about it in TPMP!

Today, Léna Situations is one of the biggest French Youtubers. Her real name Léna Mahfouf, she even wrote a book that sells very well.

So much so that it stirs the anger of certain writers like Frédéric Beigbeder. He therefore confided: “Between Being and Nothingness, Léna Situations favors the second option”.

But whatever, Léna Situations can always count on the support of her fans who are very young. But she also has the support of her friends like singer Bilal Hassani.

In fact, the latter was the victim of harassment. Léna Situations therefore spoke on the subject. She even came to TPMP to talk about it.

So she confessed that she too was teased when she was younger. Her comrades laughed at her hair.


She then declares: “Everyone had their own little thing. There are some who are small, there are some who are tall, there are some who are too thin, there are some who are too fat according to others. Me it was curly hair. It was my biggest complex. Even still today sometimes. ”

Léna Situations will never forget this difficult period: “I was told nothing, we just didn’t care. I would tie my hair very, very, very flat, and I was doing a bun. And the girls would come out into the yard to tear my bun, the scrunchie to make my hair swell… and that was everyone’s big joke. ”

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“It’s crazy, we really trivialized meanness because the meaner you were, the funnier you got.”


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