Léna Cases, very accomplices in the TPMP set!


Guests on Cyril Hanouna’s set, Léna Situations and Bilal Hassani appear to be very accomplices! We tell you everything.

Léna Situations and Bilal Hassani accomplices in the TPMP program!

They’ve been in the news for a few days. And for good reason: one has released her book the other her new album.

Léna Situations and Bilal Hassani therefore tour the TV shows to promote their novelties each on their own. Cyril Hanouna for his part preferred to invite them together on his TPMP program.

In turn, the two young people come back to their news. Léna Situations confides that she is therefore very happy to have been able to put out her book.

For her, it’s a way to endure over time, in a world punctuated by fleeting Stories. “It’s a beautiful object that lasts over time, something you leave on a shelf. »Specifies the young woman.


You should know that Léna Situations and Bilal Hassani are great friends. On the TPMP stage, the two young people wanted to go back over their difficult beginnings and their struggles.

“You haven’t struggled for long you’re 22! »Cyril Hanouna points out to them. Humorously, they compare them to the other guests on the set who are much older and “still struggling.”

Bilal Hassani then explains that he and Léna Situations were the only two “not to have money” to pay for a vacation in Los Angeles. It thus refers to other influencers and YouTubers who could afford it.

He then admits that they both took advantage of their absence to break through. “I was squatting at her and her house and we were making videos. »Says the young artist.

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It’s a cover of Aya Nakamura filmed by Léna Mahfouf who started it all for Bilal Hassani. Today they are enjoying their success together. “Sometimes we have little moments of realization and we send each other messages to say: ‘Oh! It’s crazy ! »» Confides the young man.


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