Léna Cases adores this cute supportive text of the fan!


On Instagram, Léna Situation took the time to relay a very nice message written by a fan. We tell you more!

In her Story Insta, Léna Situations relayed a nice supportive text written by one of her fans.

With more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube, and 2.5 million on Insta, Léna Mahfouf aka Léna Situations has established itself in the world of content creators.

It must be said that the young woman has revolutionized the Youtube Game. Indeed, on the video platform, she charmed everyone with her naturalness. With her group of friends, whose adventures we discover throughout her  vlogs, they have in a way become a new version of Friends for 15-25 year olds. Top, right?

But if you expected to see her scoop awards as a YouTuber, no one expected the success of her book, “Always More”.

Yes, the 22-year-old Youtubeuse breaks all records with her first book, of which 200,000 copies have already been sold. Crazy, right?

This success has been the source of much criticism, especially from writers who do not hesitate to criticize her work, and even to criticize her directly. Ouch!

Fortunately, Léna Situations can count on its subscribers. In fact, one of them left him a very nice message.

Shall we show you?


Faced with the criticisms suffered by Léna Situations, some wanted to react. Among them, a fan of the content creator, who wrote her a very nice message.

Indeed, in her Story Insta, @_lucasclavel highlighted the positive aspects of “Always more”:

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“I haven’t read @lenamahfouf’s book but I see what he can inspire and all I see is he seems to be helping some young people. ”

In fact, as this fan points out, this book also encourages young people to read:

“(…) If such a book (…) can bring the new generation to come closer to reading, then for me this book is a success. ”

A very positive message, like the Youtuber it concerns.

Particularly touched by this message, Léna Situations did not hesitate to share it in her Story! And frankly, we understand it! Yes, this message is both touching and true!

We, in any case, found this perfect message! Well done to its author!


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