LeMond Prolog, this is the lightest electric bike


Mobility has changed a lot in recent years and more and more electric cars are on the market. However, there are other types of electric vehicles or means of locomotion that increasingly invade the streets of major cities around the world. And it is that today, electric motorcycles, bicycles or scooters have become one of the most used means to go to work, study or simply to move comfortably without having to depend on traffic jams or public transport.

Along with the rise of scooters, the truth is that there is a great demand for electric bicycles, which is why more and more manufacturers are working on developing new models. This is the case LeMond Cycles, the brand created by three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond and who has presented his Prolog electric bike.

Ultralight electric bike for all kinds of activities

It is a model that stands out above all for being one of the lightest electric bicycles on the market with its only 11.7 kilograms of weight. For this, the frame, fork, fender and even the handlebar have been manufactured in carbon fiber. In this way, an ultralight bicycle has been achieved and very easy to handle. In addition, its lightness means that there is less demand on the engine and that the battery life can be extended.

This LeMond Prolog, which is how this model has been baptized, is designed for daily use, both for sports activities and urban transport. It has a fairly minimalist design and will be available in three colors, white or matte black and pink. In addition, the fact that it has the battery built into the frame bar, make it look like an electric bicycle at first glance, since the battery is completely hidden.

It is equipped with an electric motor that offers a power of 250 W and 40 Nm of torque, more than enough to reach a speed of 25 km / h in an assisted way. This motor is powered by a Panasonic battery that runs at a very light 36V and offers a range of up to 72 km. For those who need to travel longer without having to wait to recharge the battery, it allows adding an external battery to add up to 70% more autonomy.

It has an electronic Shimano gearbox to change at the push of a button, disc brakes and will be on sale for the next few weeks at a price of about 3,700 euros.


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