Lele Pons wins the most precious and loses it in a second …


Lele Pons’s life is like that. A non-stop of events in their day to day that make those who follow her enjoy as dwarfs as well as hallucinate with her body, her sensuality and her little models. But while capturing looks from the physical section, the young Venezuelan influencer catches many for her sympathy and for the ease she has to make a fool of herself and laugh at herself. Zero complexes or at least quite well managed.

What Lele Pons usually does on many occasions is to use Instagram’s option to upload several photos in the same post and thus be able to generate a sequence of images that tell a story and that often hits unexpected turns in what seemed to be to be the scene and what it ends up being. For sample, a button.


The last one of Lele Pons has cloth: in the first photograph it appears supported on the hood of a gray Ferrari with a bow making think that the car is his and that it is a gift. However, as we mentioned before, the story turns around to appear in the second photo the owner of the car with the keys and that when seeing the young woman supported, he does not hesitate to increment and shout it. Lele, scared, starts running, grabbing the red bow and leaving one of her faces to which the influencer has us more than accustomed.

What has not liked anything between his followers and users of the social network Instagram has been the photo in which Lele shows himself as he is now and as he was ten years ago. The differences are enormous and a few operations are seen to show off the face it has today. This has led to numerous criticisms that have not sat well with the Venezuelan nationalized American.


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