Lele Pons throws it over and something incredible happens on his skin ..


The young Venezuelan Lele Pons is in New York these days for work reasons because she has commitments in the big city with one of the brands Lele is an image of. For all this, he is taking advantage of these days in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet to do some tourism and of course, upload photos to his IG loaded, as always, of sensuality, humor, good vibes and all this mixed in such a proportion Perfect as only she knows how to do. She is the queen of IG for these things and if not, check her feed to realize it.

In one of his last occurrences Lele appears looking out the window of a glazed building where you can see what is around and what is more important, what is inside the building: Lele Pons in tracksuit pant and black bra that makes the Delights of fans and followers. So far everything normal. In the first photo you can see it with a cup of coffee in your hands ready to be tasted with an iconic background such as any street in NYC. Everything very cute. When in the second photo you see how Lele already enjoys coffee between his lips, nothing presage what will happen in the third …

In that third and final photo of the series it looks like the cup flies through the air, its contents more of the same and Lele tries to move away so as not to burn the skin, something that incredibly achieves. The face with which it is photographed is traca. As much as it is explained, it is better to see it directly.


In short, Lele Pons in its purest form. The Venezuelan will continue to enjoy the capital of the western world for a few more days before returning to her beloved Venezuela and only Lele knows what her IG will hold until then …


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