Lele Pons showed her funny side in New York


It falls on you! Lele Pons took this in front of the window and ended up dirtying her attributes. Lele showed her funny side in New York.

Lele Pons is the queen of Instagram since, practically, the beginning of the application making her one of the pioneers in making her account on the social network a formal job.

The Venezuelan influencer knows that she is no longer the only one who lives on the Internet so every so often you find creative ways to stay on top of success.


Flaunting her outgoing personality, Lele discovered the formula to keep her followers, who already reach 37.5 million followers, and attract more.

This time Pons was in the Big Apple for work reasons as an image of some brand and decided to take advantage that she was in a top to pose in the window of her room and reveal that she hates coffee.


The surprise of the series of photos comes in the third, in which the 23-year-old singer throws a cup of coffee on top of her neckline, with a funny face. Her fans rewarded her ingenuity with more than 2 million likes.


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