Leica Is Looking For New Business Partner In The Smartphone Market


Leica has been working with Huawei for a long time in the smartphone market. However, allegedly, this cooperation is about to end. It is said that the P50 series will be the last devices Huawei has developed its cameras with Leica.

The claim that the paths of Leica and Huawei would be separated was brought to the agenda by the pseudonymous “@ RODENT950” on Twitter. The postings of the said sensor about Huawei in the past strengthen the possibility that this last claim is also true.

It is also among the allegations that Leica is looking for a new business partner in the smartphone market. The prominent candidates are said to be Xiaomi, Honor and Sharp. Leica employment with more than one company is also among the possibilities.

Huawei and Leica collaboration has created very high quality and capable smartphone cameras. Therefore, it can be easily said that it will be a sad situation to end this cooperation. Although there is no concrete information about the reason for the possible separation, the first possibility that comes to mind is the US sanctions against Huawei.


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