LEGO Mario Has Secret Question Block Content


LEGO Mario: Last week, it was announced that the partnership between Nintendo and LEGO would deliver a new piece to the plumber’s fans: an interrogation block in celebration of the Super Mario 64 game. When opened, it reveals several pieces and characters, but a few people who have already received the kit discovered that it brings a rather curious gift.

As you can see in the image below, the block in question has a “secret” opening that, when pulled, reveals a swivel base on which Mario is holding Bowser by the tail – and for a good connoisseur, this would be a direct analogy to the way in which we deal damage to the lizard in this game (by spinning by its tail and tossing it into a bomb).

A curious detail is that the product page does not list this little door, implying that the production team intended to keep this joke hidden for as long as possible – in this case, less than a day, since the product has not yet been officially released.

And the question that remains is: did you like the Easter Egg/souvenir? Leave your message in the space below for comments.


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