Legends Pokémon Arceus In The First Person: This Is The Amazing 360º Video


Pokémon Arceus: The Pokémon Company publishes a new video in three hundred and sixty degrees of the Hisui region. Contemplating the nature of the Hisui region. With only ten days left for the premiere of Pokémon Arceus Legends worldwide, The Pokémon Company surprises this Tuesday with the publication of a 360-degree video so that we can see in first person the nature of the Obsidian Meadow of the Hisui region . The video, already available, takes advantage of the gyroscope functions of mobile devices so that we can contemplate this vast territory in all its splendor.

[Update 08:26 CET]: The Pokémon Company has removed the video for unknown reasons. We will update this news once it is officially published again.

Land, sea and air in Hisui: a journey through the Obsidian Prairie

It’s only two minutes of video, but it’s enough to get an idea of ​​what Game Freak wants to convey when we get into this adventure of action, exploration, resource collection and discovery of the first Pokédex: knowing the Pokémon world in the middle of nature.

The Obsidian Meadow will be the first large open area we’ll explore as members of Team Galaxy’s research division starting this January 28 on Nintendo Switch. And, as has been confirmed in recent months, the game will include at least three mounts that we can activate by using the Arceus Mobile: Wyrdeer to move on land; Hisui’s braviary to fly; and Basculegion to move on the water.

Although we can rotate the camera with a computer mouse by clicking directly on the screen, it is best to enjoy this 360º video from a mobile device, since in this way we can make the most of the capabilities of the gyroscope: the camera is positioned wherever we turn.