Legends of Tomorrow: All About The Season 6 Premiere


Legends of Tomorrow: The 6th season of Legends of Tomorrow, from DC, premiered this Sunday (2) and has already started with an episode full of action and emotion. Ava finds out that Sara was planning to propose to her and devises a detailed plan to be able to rescue her beloved.

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More details of the season 6 premiere of Legends of Tomorrow

At the end of season 5, Sara was kidnapped by aliens. So, in the premiere episode, everyone is trying to rescue her. Ava was woken up by Mick after a drunk night and finds out that Sara never took her home. Then, the two rush to find the other heroes and come up with a plan to save Sara.

Bowie says that Sara was about to propose to Ava before she was kidnapped, which only adds to the urgency to find her. Ava gives detailed instructions to each of the heroes, creating a mission based on a list of complex tasks.

The episode was very much based on the DC comics, bringing an interesting insight into what the 6th season of Legends of Tomorrow should be like. As you might expect, since this is one of the best superhero series, the episode is also action packed and ends with an electrifying battle.

While Sara struggles with the ship’s captain, Gary tries to open a wormhole so she can play the villain. Both the captain and his alien companions are swallowed up by the hole, traveling back in time so that they can be hunted as in Season 5. Now, Sara and Gary must also find a way to return home.

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