Legends of Runeterra: Patch Notes 1.6: Spiritual Flourish


Riot Games presents the release notes for Legends of Runeterra Spiritual Flourish 1.6, which is updated with card balancing and more news.

Legends of Runeterra, the card title from Riot Games, is updated to version 1.6: Spiritual Flourish. We already have the official patch notes, so below we offer you a summary with the most important changes in cards, as well as detailing what the new board will be like and the first “store deck package” offered by the title.

Patch 1.6 Recap: Runeterra Spirit Blossom

“During the design and balancing processes of LoR, our goal is to allow players to dictate the metagame, which is why we want to offer them a wide variety of tools with which to adapt and solve new challenges,” they assure from Riot Games. Furthermore, they add that while it is true that they are seeing an adequate diversity of decks, some popular archetypes (such as Ionia’s Avoidance and Control decks, Heimerdinger’s and Noxus’ aggressive ones) have proven to be more powerful than they should have been, and therefore they should be nerfed a bit.

Version 1.6 comes from the Spiritual Blossom Festival, a “month-long themed experience” that includes a new lab, an event pass, special quests, and tons of cosmetic items. Therefore, we can confirm that Runeterra has its first special season pass for this event.

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