Legendary Item Codes (August 2022)

Legend Piece is a game in the One Piece universe created by Legend Piece Group. Gamers will have fun traveling through different areas, fighting with more and more powerful enemies to increase their strength.
Searching these new islands, players will find many different weapons and devilish fruits. Players will then be able to choose between these items and master the one that suits their style of play. Khaki also plays a role in the gamer’s game style, and there are many different colors. The maximum level is 750, and the maximum amount of remuneration is 1 million. When searching for new devil fruits, they appear every hour and disappear after 15 minutes.
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All active and expired codes for Legend Piece are listed below, as well as ways to use them.

All codes for Legend Piece

Roblox players who want to get bonuses for Legend Piece can use the following active codes. We don’t know when the codes expire, so be sure to activate them as soon as they become available. Codes can only be activated once for each account. Be sure to visit more often, as the codes can be released at any time.
The codes were verified on August 15, 2022.
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Dragon — exchange for 3 gems 10MVISITS — exchange for 100,000 rubles Update2Part1 — exchange for a 1-hour EXP Boost race — exchange for 5 Legend spins — Free gems
Boost — Exchange for 1 hour XP Boost 5MVISITS — exchange for 5 gems Donut — exchange for 5 gems SorryForReset! — exchange for 10 gems 10KVISITS — free dough Beli — exchange for 1 gem 500KVISITS — exchange for 1 gem 10KLIKES — exchange for 10,000 Beli Marineford — exchange for 1 gem 50KVISITS — free gems 100 KVISITS — free beta Beli — free gems Logia — free gems SorryForShutdowns — exchange for 2 gems

How to activate codes in Legend Piece

When it comes to redeeming codes in a Legend Piece inspired by One Piece, there are a few simple steps to follow, which will be listed below. If for some reason the code does not work, be sure to check that the code is entered correctly. If the code is still not working, it may mean that it has recently expired or it has already been activated.
Launch the legend. Click “Menu” in the lower left corner of the screen. Click “Code” in the menu. Copy the active code into the field and click “Send”.
Roblox is available for PC, mobile devices and Xbox One.


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