Legendary Film Scorpion king returns to produce the Rock


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia join forces with Universal to re-shoot the 2002 bomb movie The Scorpion King. The staff of my production looks very strong.

The Scorpion King, also known as Dwayne Johnson’s debut movie, returns to the big screen after 18 years of hiatus. In the movie, which will be re-shot, this time Johnson will take the executive seat.

The production, which was shown in theaters in 2002 and managed to gain a large fan base, will have a very ambitious production staff in the re-cycle. The screenplay will be written by Oscar nominee Jonathan Herman, while Dany Garcia will produce with Johnson. The executive producer will be Jay Polidoro and the creative producer will be Tony Ducret.

It’s time for other actors

Commenting on the subject, Johnson said, “The Scorpion King was my first role on the silver screen. “I’m proud and excited to re-imagine and present this cool mythology for a new generation.” Saying that he would not have had such a career without the Scorpion King, the famous name added that he is now excited to be able to offer the same opportunity to other players.

Garcia also talked about the idea of ​​re-making the Mummy movie in his own statement. Stating that the first Scorpion King movie was a great chance for them and enabled them to enter the cinema industry, Garcia said that the remake they will do now as Seven Bucks Production will complete the cycle.

Although there is not much detail about the production at the moment, it has been announced that the film will once again address the distant past. It was also stated that Dwayne Johnson would not revive the Scorpion King, but could take part in the production with another role.

Derived from the mummy movie

The first Scorpion King movie was shot in 2002, with Chuck Russell in the director’s chair. Originally, that production was a spin-off of The Mummy movie starring Brendan Fraser. As a past story, the film depicts Mathayus’ rise as the Scorpion King in ancient Egypt thousands of years before the events of The Mummy.

Along with the Scorpion King, The Rock also made the transition from professional wrestling arena to Hollywood. The film’s huge success at the box office played an important role in making the famous actor the big star he is today.


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